40 While 40

  • Learn to appreciate and wear underwear like an adjusted adult
  • Own Two suits
  • Have 1000 in any account other than my 401K
  • Run a 5K
  • Lose 144 pounds
  • Find and list one thing I like about myself EVERY week for a year
  • Register for my first Olympic length Triathlon
  • Spend a WHOLE day at Red Rock, just walking and biking
  • Go skiing
  • write a letter, seal it in a bottle and toss it in the ocean
  • Become CPR and AED certified
  • Ride the Bat at Lagoon
  • Mountain Bike the Blue Diamond Trails
  • Offer to spend a day in the outdoors with my three sons
  • Go camping in Valley of Fire, Salt Lake and One other spot this year
  • Take my picture at valley of fire in the drainage pipe by the grave  DONE!  First one, 3/16/2013
  • Study Wicca and become the Wiccan Warrior I am supposed to be
  • Ignite the romance in my marriage by coming up with a fresh marriage date night idea at least once a month, something we have not done
  • Buy a handgun
  • Start buying climbing gear and getting ready for climbing
  • Play blackjack with my oldest son
  • 40 Hikes (Suggested by Wife – Urban hikes or wild hikes) – Defined as at least 1 mile
  • Get Anthony and Autumn playing sports
  • Take my daughters to a princess tea or girls day out
  • Write a letter / Thank you note / Correspondence each week to a friend or family
  • Start my family tree
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Take the family to a water park (not while at Lagoon)
  • Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
  • Get a family portrait taken
  • Get a 40th year tattoo
  • Get clubs and lessons for Amanda and I to golf and then take George out
  • Give up on Fast Food
  • No soda or canned produced energy drinks
  • Find, reach out and write a letter to my father, my BIO dad.
  • Make a piece of art (wife’s suggestion, to which I replied, I do that every day in the toilet -insert rimshot)
  • Read a book on creative blogging and apply to my life
  • Support Amanda’s passions in all things, but especially her talent in photography
  • Walk / Bike / Run the entire Henderson trail system (A really good one from the wife)
  • Make time daily to appreciate all that I have, all those around me and to give thanks to the God and Goddess that I  am so blessed in my life

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