Untitled Masterpiece

“Here is to good friends, tonight is kind of special” – Lowenbrau Beer Ad


It just so happens that my second oldest child has been visiting for the Christmas holiday this past week, and is going home tomorrow.  But for the short time he has been with me, I am reminded of his keen wit and sense of humor; of which, I feel a great responsibility for shaping, sometimes wrongly.  I am fortunate enough now to share my grandiose and often blue sense of humor with Anthony, Autumn and Ayden.

 As most families do, we were playing a game of “If Mom Died”, over dinner, we began to discuss the succession of the presidency of our house; this is a fun and educational experience where you learn a lot about who really rules the roost.  I decided if mom dies, that I as vice president would take over.  I said it would be a lot more fun, because I am more like Uncle Joe Bidden, out looking for poontang.  Immediately regretting this in front of my current audience ranging from 15 years to 7 months; I pushed on with the subject.

 I told the kids that Alex, as the oldest, would then be next as Speaker of the House, followed by Adam as the President Pro Tempe of the Senate (I likened him to Harry Reid for an inside joke, but he did not get it), and then Anthony as the Secretary of State.  At this point, I could not remember the succession, I told the family it would go to Autumn as secretary of something.  As I tried to remember if it was Secretary of Interior or Defense, she blurted out to nobody in particular, “I know, I am the Secretary of Poontang”.  To which we all tried to hide our laughter.  Me, I tried to hide my disappointment; I wanted to be Secretary of Poontang.

 This conversation for me sums up 2012.  It has been a year of highs and lows, mostly highs – but the lows run deep.  Both Amanda and I have had to fight back from a dark spot of the blues, and I think we are doing a fine job.  Some of our other remarkable achievements in this year of change include getting married, becoming a one income family, saying hello to a new baby, saying goodbye to the truck, welcoming in Mark with his marriage to Mimi, getting and losing an iPhone and finally, realizing maybe what we thought we had always wanted is not necessarily what we want or need any more, for both of us.

 A lot of 2012 for me was awfully sedentary and I have paid a huge price for it; mentally, emotionally and physically but luckily, ours is a house of love and happiness, for the most part; I will be working on some of the small pieces (see my last post) as will Amanda.  But in our house, all are welcome, and all are invited.  I am the most fortunate man to have married the woman I did and have the kids and family I do.  That is why my resolution list was short.  I summed it up to Amanda perfectly the other day, 2013 will be the year I become the man I want to hang out with today.  Easy, right?

 I see A LOT of changes coming in 2013; possibilities that two years ago I would not have thought, but it will amaze and excite.  I wrap up the last 16 hours of 2012 with a heart not heavy of things I left undone, but with the warmth of my family, the love of my life and the excitement to create 2013 in my view, and probably lots more events like the one at the start of the post.

 I raise my coffee to you, yours and all; here is to old friends, new friends and those I have not yet met.  Good journey and happy, blessed,  New Year


I do better in odd years

My only resolution for 2013 is to accept the things that I am in control of and learn to let go and love myself.

  • I know I will not be running a marathon in 2013, but why not eat right, run more and race a 5K?
  • I know I will not be running an Ironman in 2013, but why not a Sprint?
  • I know I will not lose 170 pounds in 2013, but with hard work, why not 130?
  • I know I will not become father of the year in 2013, but why not a better father?
  • I know I will not save $5000 (cash liquidity) in 2013, but why not work hard, pinch pennies and save $1000?
  • I know I will not become the husband of Amanda’s dreams in 2013, but why not work to capture that romance and amazement we shared when we dated and be the real husband Amanda wants?
  • I know I will not become an executive in 2013, but why not get back to school and work at it?
  • I know I will not hike the 10 highest points in the West, but why not get at least 2, and share them with someone special?
  • I know I will not finish writing a novel, become a painter or photographer in 2013, but why not practice, practice and practice and feel good about what I have done?
  • I know I will not always be there for everyone who needs me in 2013, but why not try?  Starting with being there for myself?

I have a tendency to put too much on my plate, but 2013 will be all about putting me first (I have to, and I hope it does not sound selfish – but all other things will fail if I don’t), family and health.

 May the Goddess bless you and here is to hoping your 2013 is full of success, health and the love of friends and family.