Weekly Roundup: Week 3

download (1)Week 3 will live in infamy. I promised an update weekly, and that is what I am doing. I am not proud of myself, and I am not even going to countdown the numbers. BUT, I have hope. I spoke to Alex for 30 minutes this morning, which was way awesome. It makes me sure of my intent and desire in that ONE area. I think Amanda is behind me, now we just have to, well, make it happen and do it.

I had a good weekend of reflection, a friend of mine who use to work at C1B just completed his first Sprint Tri (Congrats Mike S.), and it got my energy re-invested. I am going to try something this coming week 4 which I have not tried before. Two-a-days on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. Kind of funny since I am goose-egged for this week. My big goal, the Pumpkin Man on October 19th. I am re-motivated to do a tri this year. I will still be GROSSLY overweight, but I will compete none-the-less. By my math, I will be between 260-250 pounds and that is about where I was when I fell apart. Even if it takes me two hours, I am going to participate.

The one thing that happened this week more than anything was the number of people who reminded me why I want to be thin. Some because of what and how they said it, and some because of how and what they have been saying. Here are some of the words I heard this week, some to me, about me and some not even related to me, but full of a reminder. You tell me which ones motivate:

 “Man, you use to ride the bike to work even when it was 112 degrees outside, we saw”

“You looked really good”

“You can do this man, you are too strong”

“I love you no matter how you are”

“I am tired of fat people thinking they are healthy, they aren’t…”

“Slow and Steady…”

“I am behind you, whatever you need”

Wow, some powerful messages; 6 of loving support and 1 of stupidity from a someone who equates skinny with healthy – Sorry, but fit is healthy, skinny is a measure of size. Words are magic, man, seriously.  Your tongue has no bones but can break many hearts.  This week I am dedicated to a) not saying anything negative and b) really trying to empathize and listen for anyone who really needs it.

Again, I am so lucky to have love behind me, and it kind of embarrasses me to have wasted 1 week when I only have 52 to get all 40 things done on my list. I won’t squander another, and that is a promise.

And in closing, and my weekly promise, the one thing I found that I liked about myself was that my resume is up to date. And it shines.

Talk to you mid-week.


40 and I remember why I am doing this

Its been a damn near perfect weekend (4 days off actually).  Starting with my 40th birthday and ending with some Guinness, Corned Beef and Cabbage today.

Yesterday the family spent the afternoon at Valley of Fire State Park, NV.  It is about 50 miles north of Las Vegas and for those that live here and have never been, I encourage you to go.  We spend the time driving and walking around looking at the amazing rock pieces.  Amanda got a chance to practice her growing skill at photography.  And since she is the family shutterbug, she will not let me post pics yet.  Once she has approved them all, I will post them here.

There were two reasons I really wanted to go out there.  About 4 years ago my ex wife and I went out there when I was at my unhealthiest, she took a photo of me in the drainage pipe near the Clark Memorial on the east end of the park.  I was fat, unhealthy and suicidal.  It was my darkest point, but it still took me one year, a divorce and a good look at how far I had fallen before I lost weight – and yes, I was successful.  However, I was successful for the wrong reasons.  Alcoholics in the program call it a Dry Drunk; when you put in the work, but you are one step away from your next bender – well that is where I was, anger can only carry you so far.

Since then my life has turned 180 degrees as you already know.  I am happier than I have been in a long time but yes, gained A LOT of the weight back so part of my 40 while 40 project is to  get out, lose the weight and learn a little about myself along the way.  So it was important also for me to have Amanda take my photo in the same place.

The photo is shockingly embarrassing, because we do not see the damage we are doing to ourselves without really scrutinizing.  For example, I had NO clue my calves had gotten so fat again.  No wonder I breath heavy when I walk.  It is sad, but it is also part of the goal to be a triathlete in 2014.  Hopefully this year I will run one Sprint or so as a Clydesdale, but next year I want to be competitive.

So, here are the photo’s,  I have linked them to my Flickr account because I did not want to insult you by throwing my lump of clay in your face; but like clay I am going to sculpt.  In 1 year I will post the sister pictures proudly.  Until then, you have to click to see.

Thanks for stopping in.

One for One

 I made a promise, like Tara Costa, yesterday for every like on my FB status by midnight, I was going to run, hike, bike, swim or walk one mile in the name of that person or someone they designate.  In my foolish mind, I saw this status getting shared and people liking it to the point that maybe a few hundred people liked it and boy was I going to be in trouble.

Yes, at 39.75 years old, I am still naive enough to think that people give a damn about what I do or think.  Hence the blog and my continued exhaustive use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote what I am eating, visiting or my baby.  I cannot commit to a blog post daily, like my blog friend ELISARIVA who just posted 366 posts for one each day of 2012; I am just not that interesting and I know it, but I digress; I DID expect more likes to that status than I got.  Want to guess?


Eleven likes.  BUT, here is the amazing thing about it.  You really learn about the people who truly care.  About the people who take more than a moment to appreciate the things in life that are important to you. I am not saying my other 165 FB friends don’t care, they are busy with their own things.  But these 11 folks have moved me beyond what I thought one hundred likes would have inspired me to do.

Therefore, instead of running a mile for my friend Mike, for example, I am dedicating a whole workout event to these eleven people one at a time.  A workout that means something to me.

My friend, my wife, my pain in the ass

My friend, my wife, my pain in the ass

So, without further ado, my first workout of 2013 is dedicated to Amanda, of course.  To most, this workout was nothing more than a 35 minutebike ride in the gym, not very heroic. But to me it was much more than that.  It was a step, the step, in ensuring that the dreams Amanda and I have are going to happen.  I have not been to the gym consistently in more than 8 weeks, and have been eating poorly for triple that.  So for me to shake it off and get in and just get lost in the ride was a step I had to take.  Amanda has been there through many highs and lows with me already and has stood proudly by my side and loved me unconditionally.  I was worried about our marriage at first (right after we got engaged) and even about the wisdom of having a baby; but Amanda set her sails on she and I for the rest of our lives, and I owe it to her to do this for her and I.  because if I am not in the gym for me, I will not be there for her.  I love you baby, thank you for being my rock even when you feel like you are sitting on sand.  All other workouts are just footnotes, in reality, to this one.I have ten more people to thank and let know how much they inspire me, along the way, I will see the tops of mountains, eat dirt on a mountain bike, cross the finish line of a triathlon, and many other things both mundane and epic.  I will reach my goals this 2013 and you are welcome along.Thanks to Fitness19, Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas, and the Goddess for today’s workout

I never done this before; wait, just once

I have never been asked to share a recipe before, even though unsolicited, I have; and those cookies were motherfracking delicious AND Paleo friendly.  I was asked for the recipe for my to-be-World-Famous Squash Puree, aka, Mike’s baby food.

I DO know I got this recipe somewhere else, but I have modified it a bit to suit my taste and honestly, it has been over a year so I cannot remember where but so you don’t think I am a total Paleo Douche….

To the complete and utter stranger who inspired me with your amazing, if not Mike friendly acorn squash dish, I salute you and say one-thousand thanks in your name.  I would give you full credit here, but I am too lazy to Google search the recipe again.

OK, diligence is the key to success.


Mike’s Baby Food

Go ahead, throw some blackberries up on there. MMMM-mmmm

2 Acorn Squash (and it is perfect time of year, it IS Decorative Gourd season, motherfucker)

4 T Coconut oil, more or less, you will see – read on

¼ to ½ cup Silk Coconut Milk (I use Vanilla or in a pinch ½ canned Thai coconut oil)

Pure Cinnamon to taste or pie spices, nutmeg, whatever you have that goes with squash

2 T PB2 or the like

1 to 6 New Castle Dark Ale (for you, not the food)

This recipe makes 4-6 servings, depending on how much you want, by my calculations, I have mentioned 2 squash, I figure ½ squash per serving or so (it equals about .75 ounces weight per serving)

  1. Sharpen your best chef knife after drinking your first beer, it makes it more fun.
  2. Cut the Squash in half and clean out all the seeds and cord, hollow that bitch out like you are making a squash jack-o-lantern, leaving the orange flesh and rind
  3. Take 1T of Coconut Oil and smear the orange flesh in the hollow and along the cut edge, this will help in the roasting.  Use more or less as needed.  Do this on all four halves
  4. Probably ready for another beer, now that you have that sloppy mess all over your hands
  5. Roast the shit out of the squash.  I roast mine at 425 for about 40 minutes before I even look.  Roast until the rind chars a bit and the flesh starts to bubble and brown
  6. Let squash cool
  7. When cool, peel rind from flesh and place the orange flesh into a blender or Cuisinart Food Processor. 
  8. Once all the flesh is in the processor, and if you have a small girly processor it may be two batches, give it a few pulses to whack the big chunks apart.
  9. Pour in ¼ of the coconut milk and let the processor run
  10. You can puree this by letting the processor run and pouring a little more milk, I recommend staying under ½ cup to get the squash flavor (all nutty and the sugars are really coming out).  I like mine pureed severely, others like a little chunk in their trunk so that is your option
  11. When it is near the consistency you desire, put in the cinnamon to taste, about a teaspoon at the most (remember, you want an accent, not a flavor) and PB2.  This is a powdered peanut butter product that is amazing in this and smoothies and cookies.  Go buy it.  It adds a little more nuttiness, and if there is one thing my wife likes is nut.
  12. Pulse for a few more seconds and voila, Mike’s Baby Food.

Serve as you would and in place of oatmeal on a cold autumn morning, heated; or you can serve it cold.  I actually prefer it cold (but I am goofy that way).  OR, you can try serving it my favorite way, and yes, I have done this – in a plastic ziplock baggie with the corner cut off so you can squeeze it into your mouth while on the bike.  It is awesome that way.

So, anyway, I probably have a lot more to learn about sharing recipes, but all in all, this is a really good breakfast and the kids seem to like it.

Until next time amigos, stay frosty.