One for One

 I made a promise, like Tara Costa, yesterday for every like on my FB status by midnight, I was going to run, hike, bike, swim or walk one mile in the name of that person or someone they designate.  In my foolish mind, I saw this status getting shared and people liking it to the point that maybe a few hundred people liked it and boy was I going to be in trouble.

Yes, at 39.75 years old, I am still naive enough to think that people give a damn about what I do or think.  Hence the blog and my continued exhaustive use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote what I am eating, visiting or my baby.  I cannot commit to a blog post daily, like my blog friend ELISARIVA who just posted 366 posts for one each day of 2012; I am just not that interesting and I know it, but I digress; I DID expect more likes to that status than I got.  Want to guess?


Eleven likes.  BUT, here is the amazing thing about it.  You really learn about the people who truly care.  About the people who take more than a moment to appreciate the things in life that are important to you. I am not saying my other 165 FB friends don’t care, they are busy with their own things.  But these 11 folks have moved me beyond what I thought one hundred likes would have inspired me to do.

Therefore, instead of running a mile for my friend Mike, for example, I am dedicating a whole workout event to these eleven people one at a time.  A workout that means something to me.

My friend, my wife, my pain in the ass

My friend, my wife, my pain in the ass

So, without further ado, my first workout of 2013 is dedicated to Amanda, of course.  To most, this workout was nothing more than a 35 minutebike ride in the gym, not very heroic. But to me it was much more than that.  It was a step, the step, in ensuring that the dreams Amanda and I have are going to happen.  I have not been to the gym consistently in more than 8 weeks, and have been eating poorly for triple that.  So for me to shake it off and get in and just get lost in the ride was a step I had to take.  Amanda has been there through many highs and lows with me already and has stood proudly by my side and loved me unconditionally.  I was worried about our marriage at first (right after we got engaged) and even about the wisdom of having a baby; but Amanda set her sails on she and I for the rest of our lives, and I owe it to her to do this for her and I.  because if I am not in the gym for me, I will not be there for her.  I love you baby, thank you for being my rock even when you feel like you are sitting on sand.  All other workouts are just footnotes, in reality, to this one.I have ten more people to thank and let know how much they inspire me, along the way, I will see the tops of mountains, eat dirt on a mountain bike, cross the finish line of a triathlon, and many other things both mundane and epic.  I will reach my goals this 2013 and you are welcome along.Thanks to Fitness19, Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas, and the Goddess for today’s workout



I love Instagram.  Who doesn’t? I know when I had my Android phone watching all those damn smug iPhonies posting pictures willey nilley looking like it was 1975 again, I was jealous.  Then Facebook bought them and they moved to the Android Platform.  #Awesomesauce, I was in the club.

One of the great things is that, for now, you can share on Twitter.  Thus, #hashtag craziness ensued and the Instagram platform itself began recognizing and allowing searchable hashtags.  #Ifreakinglovehashtags !

I would look at pictures of clouds and see things like #Clouds #unfiltered #cloudporn #skygasm.  I would look at pictures of food (of course) and see tags like #foodie #foodgasm #foodporn.

I began to think, Porn is really big on Instagram.  But not in the way you think, in fact, that kind of #porn can get you grounded like a bad child at my house.  But porn in itself is an expression of sexy lustiness and yes, I have felt that same feeling about food.  Now I could take pictures of food and call it porn, and nobody would judge!

I started taking pictures of my #paleo recipes with tags like #foodporn #fitporn #paleoporn.  I got like after like after like.  PEOPLE LOVE #PORN!!!  I felt I was becoming a god on Instagram.  What?  Why not, #GODPORN is born.  You throw the word porn into your tag mix and people flock.  But be warned, you will get so many pictures of douchebag 20 year olds showing their iPhone skills and abs by taking pictures of their toned tummies in their mom’s bathroom mirror. These gonzo’s have surely never heard of #pizzaporn.

 I was awash in the Instagram porn phase, I was snapping pictures of my food, the clouds, and my family tagging the shit out of all of it and then it happened.  I caught myself before it was too late thank #god, but it was on the front of my brain and I almost saw nothing wrong with this Instagram post:

“My sweet angel sleeping #love #babylove #babyporn #dadgasm”

WOW!  I was too much into #porn on Instagram that I almost turned my four month out.  What a bad father.  But, I am reborn and watching how much #porn I actually use now online.

 My message to you people, watch your #InstaGrammer and keep #porn where it should be, on food and the clouds.